DIRECTOR Ralf Huettner
PRODUCERS Harald Kügler and Viola Jäger
SCREENPLAY Florian David Fitz
COSTUME DESIGN Natascha Curtius-Noss
EDITOR Kai Schroeter
SOUND Ed Cantú
MUSIC Stevie B-Zet and Ralf Hildenbeutel
LANGUAGE German (w/ English Subtitles)
FORMATS 35mm, Digibeta, Blu-Ray, DVD

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Vincent suffers from Tourette's Syndrome and, after his mother's death, is institutionalized by his father. He later escapes with two fellow patients -- an anorexic named Marie and the obsessive-compulsive Alexander. His mission is simple. He wants to bury his mother's ashes in the seas off Italy, as was her dying wish. But to get there he and his friends have to steal their doctor's car. If caught, it could all be quite an embarassment for Vincent's politician father. But the real problem is that Vincent and his friends threaten to drive each other crazy.