10 Offbeat graduate dissertation topics to consider

When it comes to dissertations the most challenging stage that students face is selection of outstanding topics. It is of utmost importance that students pay close attention to particular elements.

  1. Data access.
    This is the first thing to consider because data matters a lot when conducting research. Go to your school library and search for credible information from the web to see if there is sufficient evidence to back up your subject matter.
  2. Your own proficiency.
    Assess yourself and determine how well you are versed with the matter at hand. It would be pointless to gather too much information about a topic you know nothing about. You must be in a position to observe and interpret data to convince the reader in your conclusion.
  3. Relevance.
    Your topic should be relevant. From her you can plan for the dissertation i.e. structuring and formatting. Here are some things you should avoid:
    • Questionable resources
    • Non-academic writing and formats
    • Plagiarism
    • Irrelevant data
    • Wordiness
  4. Choose unconventional dissertation title ideas.
    • Law
      You may want to delve into human rights, trust laws, land and housing laws, E-commerce rules, European Union regulations, or intellectual properties. The important thing is to select a law topic that is relevant, catchy, and up-to-date.
    • Psychology
      This is a relevant area for sociology and business students. It is study area that looks into human behavior and human resource management students need to be well versed in psychology. Different statistics and case study results should be applied to prove the thesis statement.
    • Business administration
      This is a very competitive field in today’s education. Some of the areas for dissertation writing include:
      • Accounting
      • Statistics
      • Human resource management
      • Marketing
      • International trade
      • Economic theories
      • Business IT
  5. Show a deed for more research.
    This is an element that should not lack in your thesis. Even though your results might not be applicable immediately, your topic should be pertinent. In other words, you should let the readers know that your paper is worthy.
  6. Attainable within a reasonable period.
    A graduate dissertation should be complete in a period of 18 months on average. If you are given word limits by a professor, you might want to exceed the range but not too much.
  7. Support your future endeavors.
    The topic that you choose should reflect your interests and abilities so that you can use the information you gather in your career path.
  8. Attract funding.
    As long as your idea is relevant it should be attractive for funding. If you will obtain funds for the study, be careful not to come up with biased methodologies, research design, or conclusions.

These are the factors to reckon with when writing a graduate dissertation proposal.