APA citation for dissertation: necessary rules to follow

If you are citing dissertation apa style there are certain guidelines that you are going to have to follow. Due to the magnitude of writing a project such as a thesis, it is suggested that you keep track of your references with a citation management software. Here are some general rules to follow for apa dissertation citation.

  • Each page must be double spaced; this also includes the reference page.
  • All pages should be numbered in consecutive order; you will also need to number the title page. The numbers should be positioned at the top right hand corner. They should be in Arabic numerals e.g., 1,2,3,4 and not Roman numerals: I, II, III.
  • All the sources that you have used should be documented and cited. Even if you have used someone else’s idea but in your own words make sure you mention it.
  • There are two places in your paper that a citation should appear and that is:
    1. The body of the text also referred to as an in-text citation.
    2. At the end of your document in a reference list.
  • The standard spelling reference for books and journals is the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary.
  • You must capitalize all words in the titles of articles and books.
  • In the reference list you only need to capitalize the first word of the title.
  • When making a direct quote from a source you will need to include the name of the author, the year of publication and the page number that the information was taken from.
  • If the quotation is more than 40 words long you will need to start it on a new line, the quotation should be indented and you will need to remove the quotation marks.
  • vWhen mention a source that you have paraphrased, include the page number of the location it was taken from.
  • The majority of electronic sources don’t have page numbers; instead you should use a paragraph number and then include the abbreviation ‘para.’
  • If there is no page number or paragraph number you will need to include the title.
  • If you reference two or more authors in the same parentheses, do so in alphabetical order.
  • The reference list is referred to as the bibliography.
  • The list must include every reference that you have cited in your paper.
  • The word ‘reference’ should appear centered at the top of the page of the reference list.