Crucial rules for organizing APA citation for dissertation

One important element of academic writing is appropriate citations and referencing style. Correct citations enable readers to find more information regarding your topic. It is also an indicator of plagiarism-free information because you can separate your own work from other people’s information. The APA dissertation format arranges the main points and results precisely and in a straight forward way. Such a uniform style is handy during publication because it simplifies the publisher’s work. Here are quick tips for APA format from thesis writing agency

  • In-text citations
    These are references used within the text to explain where you got your information in particular points. Generally the method used follows author-date format, meaning that the two criteria are used in parentheses, for example (Henry, 2001) explains the role of parenting. You do not have to include the page number if you are not making direct quotations from the author. Do not forget too include the cited sources in the bibliography page.
  • Integrated citations
    This is information which has been referenced directly with the author’s name in between texts. In such a case, only the year of publication appears in parentheses e.g. A lot of scientists use Henry’s work (2001) to prove this theory. If the work was written by two authors, their names are separated by the conjunction ‘and’ i.e. Henry and Brian (2001). In case of 3-5 authors, there is no need to mention all their names. The words ‘ et al’ are used e.g. Henry et al. (2001) denoted a shift in demand.
  • Parenthetical citations
    Sometimes the reference information is not presented in the text, but it must be cited at the end of a statement, that is, (Henry, 2001).
  • Page numbers
    Sometimes, a page number is important as it helps the reader access the information quickly. This is how to include page numbers: (Henry, 2001, pp. 12-20). If the information is from an electronic source, the paragraph number is applied and indicated as ‘para’. … (Henry, 2001, para. 5). Do not use the web page numbers that you print out.
  • Quotations
    If you haven’t paraphrased the information, you need to include the author’s name, publication year, and the page number. Consider this: Henry (2001) stipulates that, ‘’Modern technology has diminished the meaning of parenting’’ (p. 20) OR ‘’Modern technology has diminished the meaning of parenting’’ (Henry, 2001, p. 20).

APA citation style was designed to enhance the reader’s understanding of written information. It is loved by most scholars for simplicity especially when used in science topics. Use this guide on how to cite a dissertation APA to make your paper more credible. Make sure to edit your project professionally before submitting to your lecturer.
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